Small bedrooms are not always a bad thing and can be designed into some of the most gorgeous rooms in the house. You can easily turn a dark, cramped small bedroom into a space that is the perfect retreat with plenty of practical storage solutions. We’re going to discuss a couple of design ideas so you can get the most out of simple interior design for small bedroom.

Our simple interior design for small bedroom

We love it when it comes to small rooms; they are a delight to design, yes they can be a challenge but there’s no fun in designing a room that’s easy. When designing a smaller room its the intricate detail that counts the most.


The colour you choose is key; we often go into homes where they tried to stay on trend with the latest colours such as dark greys and plumbs, it instantly makes the room smaller as the light cant bounce off the walls. Going for brighter colours such as whites, light greys and pastel colours can brighten the room and make it look larger. Natural paint colours are also magnificent for a small bedroom as it can make the room look more spacious due to its simplicity. If you would like more information on what colour to choose we recommend you take a look at one of our recent blog post on how to pick a colour palette for your home.


Whether you like modern or traditional looks to your bedroom, we always recommend that you choose a theme. Creating a stunning and elegant colour scheme provides you with a base to build on and saves you spending money on trying things out that might not potentially work for your home.

Remember that your bedroom says a lot about you, it is a room where you can showcase your personality. After all, it is one of the most central hubs in your home and where you are most likely to spend a considerable amount of your time. Think about accessories to decorate; this helps as if your someone that loves change you are not committed to by the colour of your room.

Orange Themed Bedroom

Prints and patterns

We always recommend that if your working with prints or patterns that you always work in odd numbers, we have tried this so many times and we believe the best way to do so is by applying a maximum of five prints in one room. This is a great way of injecting colour into a room and adding some personality.

The tricky thing with prints is you don’t want them to compete with each other, so make sure that you get samples of any prints you’re thinking about and place them all together, pick one large, one medium and one small print for the best collaboration.

Patterns and prints don’t just have to be on curtains, walls and bedding. You can incorporate designs and prints into your small bedroom through the use of accessories such as a chest of draws or bookcases.


When you have a small room, you want to maximise the space you have so we always recommend that you have fitted made to measure storage solutions made. There are so many different styles and colours now available, so we suggest doing your research.
Sliding wardrobes
are an excellent way of getting the best out of your room, they are both sleek and chic. Your wardrobes can act as one of the centrepieces in your bedroom.

White sliding Wardrobes

Keep things open

While you may want your bed to be the biggest focal point of your room you don’t want it to consume space. You will want to choose a bed frame that gives the room a more airy feel, you may also want to consider a storage bed if you are struggling for space. If you would like to check out Time4Sleep, they have an array of different style and colours.


In addition to having fitted wardrobes you may want to think about custom lighting, this can help you add individual and intricate design to your small bedroom. Current lighting trends are the use of warm metals, bringing in an industrial feel to your home. LED Lighting is a great trend to follow, not only will they light your home or bedroom to perfection it will also save you money on energy in the long run. Todays LED light bulbs are six times more efficient than conventional lighting and last a considerable amount longer. LED lighting is also great to fit into cabinets and wardrobes; you might only be able to fit one main lighting unit into your small bedroom, so we suggest placing them in your storage solutions. It saves you from fumbling around in the dark and is also great for the environment. If you want to take a look at some fun quirky LED lights we suggest you go to Lighting Styles .


Make sure that you keep your small bedroom clean, while it may be a rather obvious statement, cleaning your room regularly will make you feel as though you have a lot more space. Remove any unwanted clutter, don’t overdo the decorating in your room. Think to yourself when enough is enough, by adding to any ornaments or storage you might find that you have made your room feel a lot smaller. If you are a hoarder, it might be an idea to get someone you know who will be brutally honest with you.


We understand that designing a small room can be challenging. By following a few of our design tips, you can hopefully create a spacious area that reflects you. Lighting and wall colours are a great way of maximising a small space, by bringing both these aspects you can make the room feel more open.

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