We are all guilty of letting our rooms get a bit too messy, and tidying up can be quite a tedious task. To help you out, here we tell you some simple clutter control tips that will keep any room in immaculate condition.

Bedroom clutter control

We know clutter can be found in any room of the house, but generally, it is the bedroom that is the worst. Whether you spent hours trying to pick an outfit and now have clothes all over your floor, or your bedside table is full of glasses and plates that haven’t found their way back to the kitchen, we have hacks that will keep your room clutter free and sparkling clean.

Having a clutter-free bedroom is not only excellent for aesthetic reasons but can significantly reduce mental and physical stressors, increase productivity and even make you sleep better at night.

Give everything a home

Making sure everything in your room has its designated place is crucial to keep your space clutter free. We are all prone to collecting items and clothes over the years but having them on display can negatively impact the aesthetic of your room. To solve this, simple solutions such as underbed storage boxes or even cable management products will keep your less used items out of sight but still easily accessible.

Moreover, if you have a simple bedside table which displays your day-to-day essentials such as moisturiser, medication or makeup, why not opt for a small chest of drawers instead. This will allow you to store your items away and leave the surface to accommodate a small lamp or alarm clock, making your room look neater yet also keeping you organised.

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The three box method

The three box method is simple to follow and an effective clutter control solution. Firstly, all you need to do is get three large cardboard boxes, plastic storage boxes or even some bin bags and label them as:

  • Keep
  • Bin
  • Charity

If you are struggling with what to put in each box, you need to ask yourself a few questions. For clothing items, you should ask yourself: Have I worn this in the last three months? Do I wear it often? If the answer is yes, then you should put it in the keep box. Rember to return it to your wardrobe either on a hanger or neatly folded once you have sorted your entire wardrobe. Next, if you ask yourself, does this still fit me? Am I ever going to wear this again? And the answer is no; then you should put it in the bin box. However, before you make a final decision, you should ask yourself, is this in good condition? Can someone else still wear this? If the answer is yes, then put it in the charity box.

While this method is typically used to organise clothes in your wardrobe, it can be used for any items in your room.

Laundry bin

A laundry bin is a surprisingly useful item to keep in your bedroom. There is nothing worse than wanting to wear a particular piece of clothing, and realising it still hasn’t been washed since you threw it on the floor after the last time you wore it. To avoid this predicament, all you need to do is invest in a laundry bin, which you can place in the corner of your room to maximise floor space and fill it with all the clothes you have worn.

One of the best things about laundry bins is that they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles and colours so they can match your bedroom colour scheme perfectly and not look out of place. Dunelm have a generous selection to choose from making it easy for you to find a laundry bin suited to your room.

Use your furniture wisely

Whether you have a big or small bedroom, having too much furniture can make your space feel confined and cluttered. Similarly, having too little storage will mean you have no other option but to clutter up your room.

If you have extensive wardrobe space but find yourself using your floor or bed to store your clothes, you should consider Dressing Room Furniture in Northampton. These custom built dressing rooms are an ideal choice if you want to make the most of your space and stay organised. Similarly, Fitted Wardrobes in Bedford offer beautiful interior layouts which can be customised to suit your preferences.

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Wardrobe organzition

Wardrobe organisation is key to keeping your room tidy. It is very easy to discard clothes if they have fallen off a hanger or to place casual clothes at the bottom of the wardrobe without folding them; however, this makes the interior of your wardrobe increasingly congested. A wardrobe organiser is an excellent way to keep your wardrobe neat and tidy. Just hang the organiser in your wardrobe, and any shoes or items of clothing you have will be visible and easily accessible.

Get into a cleaning routine

Regularly cleaning your room will minimise the chances of clutter build up, as well as keeping your bedroom sanitary and hygienic. Cleaning does not just mean picking up clothes from the floor and making sure rubbish is in the bin, it includes polishing, hoovering and dusting. For the best results, it is recommended you give your bedroom a thorough clean at least once a week. Although this may seem laborious, knowing you have to hoover your room once a week means you are less likely to leave clothes on the floor as they will just become an obstacle and get in your way. Similarly, you will be less inclined to leave glasses and plates on your bedside table as the table will need to be polished and having to remove these items will prolong the cleaning process.

Keep your clutter under control

Keeping your bedroom clean is not always easy, especially the first time you have a big clear out, but as the saying goes: tidy room, tidy mind. Having a clutter-free bedroom creates a relaxing, tranquil and comfortable atmosphere that will not only look amazing but make you feel refreshed.

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