Furniture in any home or business is an extremely personal choice and you know for a fact that any decision you make wont be liked by everyone that see’s it. However, as long as you’re happy with your purchase – everyone’s happy.

Most homes will purchase different types of furniture for different rooms, including bedrooms, living areas, kitchens, offices and more. In some cases getting your hands on a custom built piece can be what transforms a basic room into something great.

Common myths thrown around

Unfortunately, a lot of consumers are led by what they hear and read online about custom furniture. This week we’ve gone through five of the most common myths that surround custom built designs and why you shouldn’t necessarily believe everything you read.

The classic ‘custom furniture is expensive’:

This is probably the first concern most people have when they first start shopping around for furniture let alone custom designs and builds. However, it’s a misconception that bespoke furniture is too expensive and it actually competes very well with high street retailers.

Although, you must appreciate that larger, complex designs and installations are naturally going to cost you money – there’s no point in trying to get a six door fitted wardrobe designed for a specific shape with additional storage and bedside cabinets for under £1000.

Frankly, if you think that’s possible you’re mad.

Here at FURNICHE® Home we have a number of bespoke fitted wardrobes in Milton Keynes, taking into consideration everything you could possibly imagine.


It’s harder to maintain custom furniture materials:

I’m not sure where this started, but its madness. As a result of poor media coverage and articles online that mention how hard it is to maintain a modern shelving unit, most of the custom furniture is created using the same materials as pre-designed items from stores.

The only real difference between custom built products and pre-made ones is the initial design, shape and dimensions. Besides that, you’d maintain a custom piece of furniture the same way you would with something from a high street store.

So just to confirm; you don’t need any specific cleaning agents or materials as there is not special maintenance needed for bespoke builds.

Isn’t custom made furniture harder to sell on?

With the rise of social media over the last 5-10 years almost everything is able to resell after its initial purchase – including bespoke furniture. Although furniture is a personal item in any home, there will always be someone that will benefit from your furniture should you decide to upgrade.

The demand for unique furniture is starting to increase, but the availability and supply currently is a lot lower than the demand. For that reason, I’m confident that should you decide to sell up; as long as its priced correctly, you wont have an issue.

A few examples of people that may be interested in your second hand items might include new homeowners, temporary tenants and even students that have moved in the area recently.

Bespoke furniture isn’t actually bespoke at all:

Let’s get one thing straight – if we advertised custom made furniture that actually wasn’t custom made; we’d get into a lot of trouble, so its in our best interest to be as transparent and honest with our customers.

If you believe that you can only decide on colour and shape – you’re in for a surprise when you go to meet with a design consultant. With every build you’ll be able to decide on:

  • Doors
  • Frames
  • Drawers
  • Additional shelving
  • Size
  • Shape
  • Colour
  • Whether its freestanding or fitted
  • And a lot more

shiny white wardrobes

Once custom furniture is fitted it can’t be moved:

Wrong again I’m afraid. If you decide to purchase a fitted wardrobe, and want to relocate it after five years it will be a little tricky but not impossible. You have to appreciate that the designs are fitted into position using commercial ‘glue’ in the form of adhesive grout and fitting mounts.

Moving this and replacing it isn’t a quick job and will cost you a little. To be completely honest, if you’re considering a fitted item of furniture and you’ll be moving in the next 5-years I’d avoid it until you’re happy because it will lower your expenses and save you a lot of stress.

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