Don’t let your bedroom’s limited size get in the way of your interior dreams. From fitted wardrobes to floating shelves, there are countless ways to maximise the potential of your space. In this article, we’ll use our expertise in fitted bedrooms in Milton Keynes to help you create a stylish and functional setting, regardless of available space. With these space saving bedroom ideas, you can realise the potential of your home.

Space Saving Bedroom Ideas To Level Up Your Home

If you’re short on bedroom space, you’re not alone. On average, Britain’s houses are the smallest they’ve been since the 1950s, so getting creative with your space-saving solutions has never been more important. Thankfully, design developments and technological advancements allow homeowners to maximise their square footage in ways that were previously impossible. Keep reading to find out how bespoke storage and fitted furniture can help you make the most of dead space and free up your bedroom.

Grey bedroom

Planning Your Layout

As with any interior redesign, the most important step happens at the very beginning. Before you invest in any new furniture or get busy with some DIY, take some time to plan your layout. Start by recording your room’s dimensions to give you a detailed understanding of the space you’re working with.

Once you’ve gathered detailed measurements, consider which items of furniture are most essential to you. Some, like a bed, will be obvious, but others will depend on your lifestyle. If you work from home, a desk might be a necessity. Alternatively, those who spend a lot of time in their bedroom might want to reserve space for a TV unit or wall mount.

bedroom plan

Space Saving Solutions

Once you’re equipped with all of the information necessary to transform your bedroom, you can begin creating a space-efficient interior. Use your measurements to help figure out which of these space saving solutions you can fit around the most essential items in your room.

Fitted Wardrobes

In most bedroom redesigns, clothes storage is at the top of the agenda. Fitted wardrobes are among the most space-effective ways to manage your current storage needs while allowing room for a growing collection of clothes. By occupying all available space, fitted wardrobes can provide up to three times the storage space provided by fitted furniture. With the correct organisation, they’ll also help to declutter your bedroom and free-up more space. Check out our article on how to organise your wardrobe if you’re trying to figure out how you can make the most of your space.

Additionally, the internal fixtures are designed to suit your lifestyle and clothing preferences. Whether you regularly need a tailored suit for work or have an extensive shoe collection, your wardrobe’s framework is bespoke to your storage needs. For more information on fitted wardrobes in Milton Keynes and how one could level up your space, get in touch with the Furniche team.

Shoe rack

Bespoke Storage Units

Make the most of those awkward nooks and crannies with a made-to-measure storage unit. De-clutter your space with a bespoke shelving unit or chest of drawers to create a more open and expansive room. Storage units like these can be designed to serve multiple purposes. For example, adjacent drawers can be separated by a flat surface to form a desk.

Bespoke storage units

Floating Shelves

One of the best tricks for saving space is to build upwards, not outwards. Floating shelves are an ideal way to tackle design and decor dilemmas while freeing up more floor space.

Try using floating shelves with attached drawers instead of traditional bedside tables. This can create the impression of more space, even if it doesn’t increase the square footage. Another option is to install floating shelves on a focal wall and use them to display books for a contemporary look.

Floating bedside table

Divan Beds

Due to their concealed storage options, divan beds are ideal for de-cluttering rooms. Whether you choose a gas-lift ottoman bed or a bed frame with in-built drawers, you’ll be able to make use of previously wasted space. Divan beds are space-efficient and neat, as they are built to match the width of the mattress they hold, reducing bulk. They are an excellent choice for maximising space in a small room.

Underbed storage


Implementing storage solutions within other storage solutions can make de-cluttering your bedroom that little bit easier. Methods like charging stations and bed pockets will help you hide your electronics and reclaim wasted space.


Decorative Ideas

When paired with smart storage solutions, effective interior design can give any bedroom an open and expansive feel. These decorative ideas will help you transform even the most restricted bedrooms into something you can be proud of.


One of the oldest interior design tricks in the book, adding a mirror is among the most dependable ways to make any room feel more spacious. Alongside offering an expansive illusion, mirrors take full advantage of natural light, brightening the darkest corners of your room. So, if you’re looking to add space that doesn’t exist, the more mirrors, the better!

luxury wardrobe

Mounted Lighting

If you’re struggling to find the space for a bedside table, why not go without one? Mounted lighting gives you access to a reading light without needing any structures on either side of your bed. If you can manage without the extra storage that a bedside table provides, mounted lighting is a fantastic way to add style and improve ambience.

Mounted wall lighting

Blinds Instead Of Curtains

Blinds take up far less space than curtains and can be equally as appealing. Go minimalist with wooden Venetian blinds or install shutters for maximum light blockage. Add a sideboard or day bed beneath the windowsill to use your newly reclaimed space. Alternatively, swap your full-length curtains for shorter ones to receive the same benefits blinds provide.

venetian blinds

Simple Colour Palette

An easy way to transform a small space into a tranquil and open setting is to simplify your colour palette. Relaxed, neutral tones will help cast more light around the room, making it appear larger. If you don’t want to go with white, try dove grey or a soft beige. Darker tones often work when adding pops of colour, but they can be challenging to style consistently throughout a bedroom.

Neutral colour palette

Natural Light

Whatever amount of natural light your bedroom receives, try making it the centrepiece of your room. Nothing opens up a room like sunlight, so set up your interior to make the most of it. Avoid obstructing the windows and counteracting the golden tones with a dark colour palette.

lots of natural light


If you spend a lot of time in your bedroom during the day, a daybed can transform your room’s style and functionality. Even in small rooms, daybeds help maximise flexibility and create a comfortable living space during the waking hours. Whether you’re creating a cosy reading nook or somewhere to watch TV, daybeds are ideal for those looking to make their bedroom a personal sanctuary.



Houseplants are a surefire way to liven up any living space. And while they might not provide any extra space, they’re the perfect way to fill empty spaces between furnishings. Along with introducing a pop of colour, houseplants help to purify the air and add a sense of groundedness to your bedroom. This selection of houseplants for bedrooms from Hortology is the perfect place to start creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

bedroom houseplants

Making The Most Of An Awkward Layout

If you’re looking to save space, awkward alcoves and unconventional layouts can quickly become your arch-nemesis. Space saving solutions are usually designed with square and rectangular rooms in mind, so those with an awkwardly shaped layout are left to figure it out for themselves. At Furniche, we’ve been dealing with sloping ceilings, curved walls, and recessed nooks for over 15 years, and these are some of the methods we use to maximise atypical rooms.

Made To Measure Furniture

Fitted furniture isn’t just a practical solution for unconventional layouts but also a stylish way to maximise space. Custom-made storage units can seamlessly blend with the room’s design and provide efficient organisation. To see this in practice, check out our recent project where we helped a homeowner maximise their bedroom’s space with a custom wardrobe designed to match their ceiling’s slope.

Fitted Wardrobe In Loft Conversion

Own The Unusual Features

While it might be difficult to realise it at first, your room’s awkward features can easily become some of your interior’s most visually appealing elements. Rather than trying to hide them, incorporate them into your bedroom design and show them off.

Large walk in wardrobe

Prioritise The Largest Wall

Build out from the largest wall in the room before focusing on decorative elements and finishes. Place your biggest piece of furniture in front of that wall and then determine where the remaining components can go. It’s easier to structure your room around large statement furniture rather than accent pieces.

bedroom with media wall

Get Creative!

Whatever size bedroom you’re looking to transform, an interior redesign is a chance to get creative and show off your personality. From bespoke fitted furniture to household shrubbery, there are plenty of ways to achieve a more open and spacious interior in a confined space.

For support in realising your bedroom’s potential, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Furniche. We’ve been helping homeowners achieve their dream interiors since 2007 with industry-leading fitted furniture. Our fitted wardrobes in Northampton and surrounding areas allow you to reclaim up to 40% more space than their freestanding counterparts.

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