What the client previously had

The client had recently had a loft conversion in their home and needed bespoke furniture to fit into their unusually sloped ceilings. The client informed us that they wanted to maximise their storage, but also have a luxury feel to the room.

What Furniche did

After visiting our showroom, the client was able to establish what colour and styles they wanted to install into their home. With our expert guidance, we were able to advise the couple on the best possible furnishings and design to utilise the space they had in their new bedroom. The client chose the premium Clubhouse Oak colour for their bespoke wardrobes and matching dressing table and chest which gave off the luxury feel they desired.

Through the use of slope wardrobes, we were able to design seamlessly fitted wardrobes against their sloped ceilings as well as the matching dressing table and chest. For us to be able to do this, we previously took precise measurements of the area of the installation and manufactured the furniture in our workshop. This allowed us to complete the full wardrobe installation in under 12 hours!

Customer Feedback

“We couldn’t believe how quick the Furniche team were. Our new wardrobe is absolutely gorgeous, and we just love the new addition of the matching dressing table and chest. Thank you Furniche, you knew precisely what we wanted!”

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