What the client previously had

Our client recently got in touch with Furniche as they were struggling space wise with the room they currently had. They needed a decent amount of storage but also didn’t have a vast amount of room.

What Furniche did

When sitting with our designer, the client was looking to have two small fitted wardrobes either side of the bed, which makes sense for the space that they have in the bedroom. However, we informed them that they could also go for an integrated overhead and bedside table unit too. This meant they had enough space to pack away everything in the room and still have enough floor space to manoeuvre. The client ended up going with a gorgeous Alabaster White fitted wardrobe, which has helped brighten up their small bedroom.

Customer Feedback

The bedroom has now transformed, we didn’t quite know how to style this room, but with the help of Furniche, it now works so well for our daughter. It also helps us out as a parent too, as her room is so much tidier!

Case Study Pictures

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finished white alabaster wardrobe
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white alabaster closet
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white alabaster wardrobe
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white alabaster fitted wardrobe