What The Client Wanted

A client contacted Furniche in need of more functional space within their wardrobe. The client already had a fitted wardrobe with a basic interior design; however, it was exceptionally small and did not function towards their needs and requirements. For this reason, the client wanted to open up their wardrobe space even further and incorporate smart storage solutions that allowed them to hang and fold their clothing items.

What Furniche Did

After contacting Furniche, it was clear that the client required a wardrobe that not only looked stunning but also had an interior design that helped them organise their clothing. To ensure that the client could make the most out of their wardrobe, they decided to knock through the wall on either side of their existing wardrobe to create more space. From here, the team were then able to create a wardrobe that combined elegance with functionality.

The client requested a sophisticated wardrobe design, which led the team to piece together a grey glass and grey tinted mirror wardrobe with four doors. All four doors are sliding, which allows the client to easily access their clothing by moving the doors right to left. Not only this, but the mirrored effect on the two middle doors makes the room feel brighter and gives the illusion of more space as the natural lighting bounces off the wardrobe.

To help with interior space, the team discussed options with the client and the many techniques and solutions that can provide them with both hanging and shelve space. The client decided on a shelving unit in the centre of the wardrobe with a small hanging space in the centre and two larger hanging spaces either side of the unit. The multiple shelves in the wardrobes provide the client with maximum storage, including draws on the lower half of the shelving unit to complete the stunning and elegant design.

Customer Feedback

“We love our new wardrobe, and it fits nicely with our bedroom decor. Thank you to the team for helping us to find the perfect storage and wardrobe design!”

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