What the client previously had

Our most recent client contacted Furniche as they were looking to add extra storage to two of their bedrooms. As the bedrooms were quite large, we had plenty of space to work with when considering storage solutions.

Before enlisting the expertise of Furniche, the client had only fitted flat-pack wardrobes which didn’t provide them with enough room for all of their belongings. This means it was imperative that our team worked with the client to design internal wardrobe storage solutions that fitted with their requirements.

What Furniche did

In one of the rooms, in particular, the client chose to go with fantastic dark grey mirrored sliding wardrobes. Inside, they were looking for two types of storage solutions. The first would be plenty of hanging space to store all of their lovely high-end clothing and avoid any damage. They also requested for smaller drawers to be incorporated for their belongings.

In the second room, we installed a new sliding wardrobe along with a vanity style storage solution. This provided the client with the perfect beauty room, which they had always dreamed of using their spare room for.

Customer Feedback

“We are so pleased with the work Furniche completed for us, both sets of wardrobes are absolutely fantastic. We cannot recommend them enough.”

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