What the client previously had

In this new build home in Aston Clinton, Aylesbury we were tasked with the installation of a new TV unit. The original floor plan of the living room was quite awkward. The plug sockets had been placed in an inconvenient place, and the radiator was installed in the centre of the wall. We decided that it would be the perfect position for a television, but this couldn’t be done due to the position of the radiator.

What Furniche did

In order to create the TV unit, we advised the client to change their radiator to a vertical one, so we could install the television to the place the radiator once sat. We also installed wall lights, which added a sophisticated and symmetrical look to the room.

We designed a manufactured television back panel, with integrated Phillips Hue LED lighting, alongside a bespoke cabinet which hid the plugs and cables leading to the television. The overall design and material of the back panel and cabinet was a light and dark atelier concrete MFC board, which gave a modern and contemporary finish.

Customer Feedback

This new TV unit has elevated our room to another level. It’s just as we wished it could look like, and makes the room look so much more modern and smart. The Furniche team were outstanding from the beginning to the end!

Case Study Pictures

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tv unit before


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tv unit after


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floor layout


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