Fitted wardrobes are a fantastic addition to every home; all bedrooms and dressing rooms can most definitely benefit from the complete versatility of installing this sought-after bespoke storage solution. Unlike traditional, freestanding wardrobes, built-in alternatives enable total customisation during the design and installation process. While the exterior of the wardrobe is likely to have a modern, sleek appearance, the interior can be filled with as many storage solutions as you feel necessary. But how do you design a wardrobe layout? To give you inspiration for your new installation, we have put together eleven wardrobe interior fittings ideas to achieve an organisation clever enough to rival Marie Kondo!

11 Smart Wardrobe Interior Fittings Ideas

Transforming your current bedroom or dressing room to incorporate fitted wardrobes comes alongside an array of fantastic benefits. Not only is it an exceptionally efficient use of space, but each component is made to size in a variety of materials and colours.

With years of experience providing clients with fitted wardrobes in Aylesbury and the surrounding areas, we have seen the evolution of convenient wardrobe storage solutions. There are now more ways than ever to inject personality into your wardrobe and customise each component to meet all your requirements.

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1. Wardrobe With Dressing Table Built-In

Particularly when tackling a smaller floor plan, multi-functional furniture becomes your best friend. Aside from the bed frame, the wardrobe and dressing table tend to be the largest pieces of essential furniture in a bedroom. With this in mind, it is imperative to find a solution that is not only functional but also space-saving.

While in the past, a wardrobe with an exposed dressing table was a popular solution, it does create the appearance of a cluttered room – a huge no-no when you are already somewhat limited in terms of space. A hidden dressing table, on the other hand, allows you to maintain the minimalist aesthetics without sacrificing any key pieces of furniture you require to make the most out of your bedroom.

Creating a wardrobe with a dressing table built-in is incredibly space-efficient and easy. Just ensure that, when fitting the desk feature of the vanity, you leave plenty of space underneath for a stool. Essentially, you want to be able to sit comfortably at your dressing table with adequate legroom. We suggest installing a mirror equipped with lighting as, due to the tucked-away nature of the hidden dressing table, the area may be a little darker than you had anticipated.

dressing table

2. Jewellery Organiser

Due to the unlimited possibilities when considering wardrobe storage, every inch of the interior can be successfully used to your advantage – even those that are as little as a few inches high!

Any areas that have a small, unused space are ideal for installing jewellery drawers. Using a simple pull-out tray concept, all pieces of jewellery can be stored in their own compartment. In doing this, there will no longer be the frustration of tangled necklaces, mismatched earrings and broken rings. A number of variations of soft felt compartments can be fitted to drawers not only to stop items from moving but also to protect valuable belongings.

Jewellery organiser

3. Pull-Out Trouser Hanger

Using a mounted pull-out fitting, all trousers can be perfectly hung in their own spot without having to use up rail space that is better suited to coats, jackets and tops. Pull-out trouser hangers can be placed on wardrobe doors, under shelves or on horizontal dividers, depending on where is most convenient for you. On average, hangers can hold approximately ten pairs of trousers with the option for additional rails if you have space, all of which can be equipped with an anti-slip coating to keep all items in place. To maximise practicality, there is even the option for a rotating trouser hanger that can be mounted on the inner frame. All of our fitted wardrobes, including the Ava range and Georgia ranges, can be installed with pull-out trouser hangers!

4. Built-In Wardrobe Shoe Storage

Shoes are one of the biggest culprits for taking up space in a wardrobe. Due to their awkward shape and inability to fold away small, they require their own allocated space to ensure that they stay in pristine condition. Built-in wardrobe shoe storage is ideal for keeping all pairs of shoes in one place. Both pull-out and fixed solutions are available at Furniche in a range of different materials. We can also create alternating levels within your shoe storage, which will allow you to store tall pairs of shoes lower down and shorter ones higher up so that they don’t get lost!

shoe storage

5. Hanging Organisers

Keeping your wardrobe free from clutter can often prove somewhat tricky when you have several smaller items such as socks, belts and accessories that you want to store away. Hanging organisers are a simple yet highly effective solution to keep all smaller belongings together in one place.

A number of different hanging organisers are available, including ranges with pockets for handbags and designated areas for scarves, belts and ties. When opting for hanging storage, you will eliminate the need for installing brackets or shelves and will only require hooks that allow you to hang straight from the rail. A Place For Everything has a fantastic variety of hanging storage solutions!

6. LED Lighting

Lighting is a super handy addition to any fitted wardrobe. Although the array of different compartments does prove incredibly helpful when organising, it can make it a little tricky to clearly see into each section. Often, particularly when dressing early in the morning or when tidying clothing in the evening, your main bedroom or dressing room light simply will not be enough – LED lighting is the perfect solution!

The most significant benefit of LED lighting is that strips, spotlights and mini lamps can all be integrated into the design of your fitted wardrobe. They can be above rails, inside drawers and even along racks meaning that you will always have a clear view of your interior, regardless of the time of day. Almost all wardrobe lighting solutions are manufactured with smart sensors meaning they will automatically be switched on when you open doors or pull out drawers.

lighting in wardrobe

7. Bag Storage Hangers

If you are a self-confessed handbag lover, then it is likely that you have a vast collection that you hope to keep in pristine condition. While handbags are somewhat bulky and take up a considerable amount of room, multiple storage solutions will help towards minimising your space usage, as well as keep your prized possessions intact.

IKEA stocks a fantastic pocket purse file that is capable of holding up to five handbags of various sizes. Pockets are made with a transparent material which allows you to locate the bag you’re looking for super quickly. The file can then be placed at the end of your wardrobe rail, keeping the space organised.

8. Door Hooks

Equipping your fitted wardrobe with useful door hooks is one of the most traditional forms of storage and remains popular due to its complete convenience. There are no limitations when applying hooks onto the inner door, whether you opt for one large hook for your robe or multiple smaller alternatives for a set of ties.

Hooks can either be fitted during the initial installation process or further on down the line through DIY methods. If you opt for going down the DIY route, you can either screw hooks into the door or use adhesive strips. For those who are a novice in carrying out ‘do it yourself’ tasks, it is recommended to stick to adhesive strips as they are incredibly easy to use. Screwing hooks in, on the other hand, risks splitting the wood of the door panels.

Robe hanging on door

9. Drawers For Inside Fitted Wardrobe

When installing fitted wardrobes in Dunstable and the surrounding areas, we almost always end up including drawers in our designs, as per the requests of our clients. Being extremely convenient and user-friendly, it’s not surprising that drawers are a very common and traditional way to store clothing items. However, it can be a pain when your drawers don’t quite fit everything you want to store within or contain an overwhelming amount of space that you know you’ll never use. That’s why having bespoke drawers installed as part of your custom wardrobe is the way to go!

The beauty of bespoke drawers is that they can be styled to suit any furniture aesthetic, from our ultra-sleek Polaris range to our fresh and earthy Elise range. Whether you’d like wide, deep drawers with plenty of space for bulkier garments or shallow drawers for smaller trinkets or accessories, your needs and wishes can be fully accommodated, and you will be saved from spending hours pouring over pre-designed wardrobes that simply can’t facilitate all your belongings in a suitable way.

drawers in fitted wardrobe

10. Drawer Dividers

While the primary purpose of drawers is to maintain organisation, the drawers themselves can often become rather messy. We are all guilty of trying to speed up the process of putting clothes away as much as possible, so we may not always take the time to fold them! However, this problem can easily be resolved through the addition of drawer dividers.

Drawer dividers allow you to allocate space to specific items, whether this may be socks, t-shirts or undergarments. To maximise space, we suggest adopting the rolling method of folding, as this also helps you to see all items at once. Good Housekeeping has put together a useful guide on different ways to fold clothes to save space!

11. Pigeon Holes

If you’re hoping to maintain a simple layout for your fitted wardrobe and want to avoid complex mechanisms, you would most definitely benefit from going down the route of pigeon holes.

When fitting our Florence range, due to the traditional design, we often install a set of pigeon holes for organising clothing as opposed to drawers. In doing this, clients can enjoy the perfect balance between tall hanging space for jackets, dresses and shirts along with pigeon holes for folded trousers and t-shirts. They are ideal for separating clothing into categories, for instance, based on the season. You could even use pigeon holes for shoes and handbags – the possibilities are endless!

pigeon holes

Genius Wardrobe Interior Storage Ideas

The possibilities when customising your fitted wardrobe are endless. Each component can be tailored to fulfil your requirements and ensure that you make the most out of your investment. The eleven excellent internal design tips mentioned are just some of the many ways in which you can keep your wardrobe perfectly organised with all of your favourite items easily accessible.

If you’re in the process of transforming your dressing room or bedroom with the addition of fitted units or wardrobes, then why not take a look at our extensive range of bespoke dressing room furniture in Bedford and the surrounding areas? For more built-in wardrobe inspiration, check out our previous article!

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