If you’re lucky enough to be treated with a spacious master bedroom, then you most definitely need to make sure that it looks the part! With thousands of stunning interior design trends circling the internet, deciphering the perfect theme for your home can be somewhat overwhelming. How can you draw the line between making a statement and going just that little too OTT?

With this in mind, we have delved into the interior design world to shortlist the most unique master bedroom ideas. Whether you’re hoping just to add a fresh touch of character or planning a complete bedroom overhaul, we can guarantee that you will find inspiration suited to your style!

Transform Your Home With Unique Master Bedroom Ideas

While a small bedroom limited with space can be a little tedious to decorate, it can sometimes prove easier than tackling a large master bedroom. Along with limited space, comes limited opportunities, which means that designing the area can be somewhat easier. When transforming a master bedroom, on the other hand, the possibilities are truly endless meaning you will be spoilt for choice when researching interior design ideas. Why not begin your quest with our ten quirky suggestions?

1. Liven Up The Walls

If you’re a lover of contemporary, simple furniture yet hoping to add a touch of character, opting to liven up your walls would be ideal. We understand that filling all four walls with crazy patterning can be a little daunting, which is why we adore the idea of a single feature wall! Most homeowners sway towards placing their feature wall behind the bed, framing the furniture and creating an eye-catching backdrop.

When considering feature wall designs, there are a plethora of fantastic ideas available. Some of the most popular are the following:

  • Chunky monochrome stripes
  • Colourful floral wallpaper
  • Polaroid or photo frame wall
  • Collaged vintage mirror wall
  • Simple geometric shapes
  • Personalised mural

Marble wallpaper in master bedroom

2. Make A Statement With Lighting

Incorporating statement lighting to your decor is a fantastic idea if your master bedroom is looking a little bland, but you do not want to redecorate completely. It is your choice whether you replace all lighting or purchase just one large focal point fixture.

It is important, when fitting lighting, to ensure that they are placed strategically around the room. There will need to be the perfect balance between brightness for the morning and tranquillity to unwind in the evening. We suggest investing in both one central ceiling light, along with softer background lighting.

One of our favourite choices is retro neon lights, which can be personalised and fitted to your wall nearby to a plug socket. They really do make a unique statement, achieving the ultimate ‘wow factor’. Neon Creations are leaders in their field, able to design neon lights entirely bespoke to you.

3. Incorporate A Monochromatic Scheme

Sticking to a simple, two-tone colour scheme creates the ultimate modern atmosphere. It is a super easy colour palette to build, yet guarantees that every component will ooze elegance.

When designing a monochromatic master bedroom, we suggest creating a blank white canvas, which can then be accessorised. Painting the walls and ceiling white will help to create an airy feel where light can reflect and circulate. Black walls, on the other hand, will enclose the space and make the atmosphere incredibly heavy. Instead, opt for incorporating black accents through carpet, laminate flooring, headboards and accessories.

Cosmopolitan has put together a fantastic article, including 21 black and white bedroom ideas, which is great for inspiration!

4. Build A Hidden Dressing Room

Those with a huge floorplan for their master bedroom would be the ideal candidates for building a top-secret hidden dressing room. You will only need to sacrifice a small chunk of your bedroom to create a luxurious space filled with clothing, cosmetic products and accessories. It allows the bedroom itself to be super minimalist as all wardrobes, chests of drawers and dressing tables will be hidden away in another room.

As experts in dressing room furniture in Leighton Buzzard, we are lucky enough to have a wealth of knowledge on how to create the perfect dressing room. We even provide clients with sliding wardrobes in Bedford which are custom-built and entirely made to measure. These can be fitted into the dressing room seamlessly, integrating tailored features such as LED lighting, jewellery drawers and plenty of hanging space.

Dressing table setup

5. Snuggle Up In A Cosy Bay Window

If you love nothing more than snuggling up with a good book to unwind after a stressful day, creating a cosy bay window seat is most definitely for you! Bay windows designed with comfortable seats and plenty of cushions are perfect for creating the ultimate haven for tranquillity. We love the ideas featured on Home Design Lover!

Unfortunately, bay window seats are only possible for those who have an alcove in their bedroom, which can be fitted with a window and seating area. It is likely to take a considerable amount of construction work, so always keep this in mind if you are considering a bay window.

6. Experiment With Contemporary Wall Art

Similar to statement lighting, experimenting with contemporary wall art would be best suited to those who simply want to add a splash of colour to their current decor. They perfectly complement a black and white colour scheme, creating a focal point without having to paint or wallpaper any walls.

When searching for the perfect wall art, you really will be spoilt for choice. Here are just some of the main styles you could consider:

  • Abstract wall art – Sweeping hues and vague shapes are common features of abstract art. Why not use your creative side and paint your own canvas?
  • Metal wall art – Metallic 3D artwork continues to grow in popularity. Custom pieces can be made using silver, copper and many more.
  • Wall prints – Whether you have a favourite quote, movie character or family photo, wall prints are excellent for adding personality.
  • Textured wall art – Paintings created using oils of landscapes, animals or figures feature many layers of paint, ideal for creating a unique texture.

Blue themed master bedroom

7. Create Separation With Curtains

With a huge master bedroom, comes a wealth of possibilities. Why not transform your space into two rooms with a subtle curtain partitioning? This way, if you no longer want the separation, all you’ll need to do is reopen the curtains, and your space is back to normal.

Creating a DIY room divider is super easy. It is your choice whether you opt for sheer curtains or opaque materials for added privacy. You can pick up a full curtain track room divider kit online from retailers such as Picture Hanging Direct. This will include all tools required, along with detailed instructions on the installation process. If you’re stuck for inspiration on how to style your room divider, take a look at Homedit.

8. Splash Out On A Stylish Headboard

For a stylish, luxurious twist on your master bedroom decor, fitting an upholstered headboard is ideal. It is a fantastic way to incorporate fabric and texture to your room with the most popular materials being linen and velvet.

If you are hoping to update your colour scheme, a headboard would be perfect for incorporating your accent colour. Based on the 60-30-10 colour rule, 10% of your room should be the brightest shade of your scheme. For more information on how to use this rule, take a look at The Spruce.

Bed with upholstered headboard

9. Think ‘Boho-Chic’

‘Boho-chic’ is a timeless interior design decor theme, ideal for those hoping to keep the main foundation of the bedroom neutral, but with a quirky, colourful twist. A bohemian-inspired scheme is all about filling your room with cosy accessories. To give you some inspiration, we have listed some of the most popular ideas below:

  • Fairy lights – Adding fairy lights will always create a cosy, magical atmosphere. You can find some ideas on how to style fairy lights on Society19.
  • Patterned cushion – Add a pop of colour through patterned cushions. The beauty of ‘boho-chic’ is that you do not have to make sure that each match perfectly, go bold with your design choices.
  • Blankets and throws – Layer your bed with cosy blankets and throws to add texture and colour. It is your choice whether you opt for patterns or a plain design.
  • Wicker accessories – An all-time bohemian-style favourite is wicker accessories. Storage baskets and plant pots remain some of the most popular choices.

10. Set Up A Seating Area

If you love the earlier idea of a bay window, but do not have an alcove to build one, then a seating area is the perfect alternative. A seating area can be as small or large as you would like as there are tonnes of choices in comfortable seats, which will fit seamlessly in your allocated space. Just some of the many styles available include the following:

  • Bench – This is ideal for placing at the end of the bed.
  • Ottomans – Many ottomans also double-up as a storage box.
  • Arm Chair – We love the range available in Dunelm!
  • Chaise Lounge – Perfect for adding a luxurious, vintage twist.

Cost armchair

Design A Quirky Master Bedroom!

Designing and creating the master bedroom of your dreams isn’t as complicated as you would expect. With lots of research and plenty of planning, you will be able to bring all of your interior design visions to life. Spend time browsing sites such as Pinterest and consider making a mood board filled with all of your favourite ideas. In doing this, you will have a template to work from, making the process considerably quicker and more straightforward.

If you are planning an entire re-design of your master bedroom and in need of a helping hand, Furniche is always just a phone call away. As specialists in fitted bedrooms in Aylesbury, our teams will ensure that every fixture fits seamlessly to every contour.

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