lady organising a wardrobe

How To Organise Clothes In A Wardrobe

It is said that a cluttered home can have a significant impact on your mental health and happiness as a whole; turning your small retreat away from the world into a place you simpl...

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Wardrobe filled with storage

Built In Wardrobe Internal Designs

Fitted wardrobes are a fantastic addition to every home; all bedrooms and dressing rooms can most definitely benefit from the complete versatility of opting to install the sought-a...

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Monochrome Bedroom

How To Create Your Dream Bedroom

Creating a personal space that you love can seem time-consuming and challenging. However, whether your style is contemporary or classic, minimalist or glamour, our comprehensive gu...

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luxurious dressing room

10 Small Luxury Walk-In Closet Ideas

Some people dream about their wedding day. Some people dream about holding their baby for the first time. Some people, however, fantasise about having a small luxury walk-in closet...

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Get your copy of Celebrate MK

Furniche is delighted to be showcasing our newly renovated showroom, a lot of hard work has gone in over the past couple of months to make sure we can give our clientele the servic...

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white sliding wardrobes

Top 10 hacks for tidy bedrooms

Your bedroom is one of the main hubs in your home for sleeping, waking up and relaxing when you need a little quiet. You want your room to be as tranquil and calming as possible, a...

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moving into a new home

Top tips for moving into a new home

Moving into a new home can be so exciting but also a little time consuming, sometimes you can forget things that may be important, and you must also ensure everything gets there in...

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walk in wardrobes

What eats clothing: How to prevent it!

Have you ever gone to put a t-shirt on to find out it has small holes from insect bites? It can be incredibly frustrating especially when the clothes are relatively new. Here we ar...

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